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  • How to Seduce a Girl

    Melt your lady love and keep your life charming

    Is there a same thought coming into your mind day and night? And that is about a girl? Then you must want her to be yours, right? But sometimes it becomes difficult to get the attention of that girl. If it is happening to you too then you can go through the following points to get some useful tips in seducing the girl. Though we think the mind of a woman is complex but that is not true always if you can understand it. The requirements of the lady are the most important thing that you need to know to get close to her. As always a masculine body and tough look don’t work to seduce a girl. So, the following points are there to make your task of seducing a girl easy.

    You should keep in mind that every woman has her self-respect so touching a girl or provoking her to be close to you can be awful for you both. It can damage the relationship forever. So, you should be very conscious because it is a live-mind which you should melt first to bring your lady love on the bed.

    The points to keep in mind

    Before hugging a woman and kissing her lips, you need to impress her. Otherwise, you cannot seduce her. There are some points that help you to win the heart of the woman and seduce her to play the best game with you on the bed.

    1. Build up connection

    If you are interested to spend quality time with a girl then you need to build up a good bonding with her. You can call and send the SMS to the girl in the free time. But keep in mind you should not text her all the time. Gradually you can increase the talking terms and try to be gentle but caring throughout the day. But in the night you can be flirty and send some intimate words from your side to see her reaction. But be alert and don’t be too much naughty at a time.

    1. Try to enter in her personal premises

    When you are spending some personal time with your ladylove then you can enter her premises slowly. You can hold her while crossing a road or can arrange her hair when it is tangled in the breeze. It will attract her to you. But never try to touch her with any other intention in the early stage of your intimacy. It can spoil your reputation to the girl.

    1. Don’t reveal your feelings always

    When you are madly in love with your girl you may want to reveal it to her but you should stop yourself. You should remember that revealing your feeling too often can make her bore and you can be taken for granted to her. So, you should act like a caring one but never say I love you again and again. It can make your relationship boring.

    1. Understand mood

    The moods of the women play a very important role in case of seducing. When a girl shows her real mood to you, you can take it as her surrender. She has already started to feel something special for you. At this stage, you should not hurry to get her in your arms. But you should give her some time. If you get her in a down mood then try to cheer her up and win her heart. But don’t try to be with her all the time.

    1. Create moment

    Only winning a mind is not enough to hold your love in your arms. You should also create some moments to seduce a woman. You can celebrate a special day with her in a new way like she dreams. In that occasion, you can keep some slots to be alone with your lady and try to understand her response. Like you can plan a dinner and romantic dance with the lady in a lonely room. If she responses gladly you will understand it is the right time to make love. If she hesitates, give her some more time and keep on impressing her.

    These 5 exclusive points can help you to get your dream girl next to you. Seducing a woman and winning her love is challenging but you should keep in mind that the love can do anything. So, seduce a girl with your real one to get the best response and hold it for a lifetime.