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  • Dirty Sex Quotes for Her

    Dirty Sex Quotes & Sexy Romantic Text Messages for Her

    Sometimes you need to express your feeling to your partner to enjoy the intimate moment in a different way. There are some quotes that can make your time more interesting and memorable. The sexy and dirty quotes for you lady love can insist you to jump on the bed and be all yours. So, go through these quotes and whisper in the ears of your lady to get her in your arms.
    #1. Come closer. Take off your clothes. Let me see your every mole clearly and kiss them passionately.

    #2. I want to see you when you are naked in the bathtub. And want to see how the water from the shower touching every cell of your body.

    #3. I want you to hold tight and kiss you under the full moon sky.

    #4. I want to take you in my arms and throw on the bed. Then kiss you hard and fuck you for hours.

    #5. I want you to call my name louder when I am coming out in you.

    #6. I want to smell the perfume in your body while fucking your ass.

    #7. I love to be alone with you to the naughtiest thing.

    #8. Tonight I will express my love by taking you in my arms and playing with your body.

    #9. Your body is my favorite addiction which spoils me every night.

    #10. I want you to enjoy the drink with me before going to the bed and making out.

    #11. I want you to feel me inside our body and explain how it feels.

    #12. Though sex is not the only way to express my love but tonight I can’t resist myself from loving your body entirely.

    #13. Kiss my lips when I’m busy in fucking you.

    #14. I will not leave you until your legs shake and all the juice comes out.

    #15. Though your entire body is tasty, but I really like to suck your boobs.

    #16. Let me lose myself between your legs.

    #17. Let’s play the game of loving each other tonight.

    #18. Come to me. Let’s make the night hot today.

    #19. I want you to see you in this lingerie which I will tear off and fuck you tonight.

    #20. You are looking beautiful in this dress but I want to see you without this.

    #21. How will you feel if I cuddle you from the behind under the shower suddenly and fuck your ass?

    #22. Every time I come close to you, I reveal your body in a new way. I like the curves and want to be lost in it.

    #23. Take proper care of your body. I want it to be perfect.

    #24. I love your lips more than your chicks.

    #25. I am not very good in opening the bra. So, come to me without it.

    #26. You are being sexier day by day and it is being irresistible for me darling.

    #27. Why do I need to sleep with a thousand girls when I get you to fuck in a thousand positions?

    #28. I like to leak it and suck it. But the most I like is to hear your voice when I am leaking it.

    #29. You look too sexy in this black lingerie. Come to me I am making your appearance sexier by opening it.

    #30. Come and take me in your mouth. I want to fuck your mouth as well.

    #31. I don’t need any tool to seduce you. My magical touch is enough to give you the best orgasm experience.

    #32. I want to hold you tighter to let you feel the jerk of my ejaculation.

    #33. A romantic date doesn’t end with a glass of wine or a cup of ice-cream. It ends with a passionate kiss and a bedroom invitation.

    #34. I like to have a passionate sex with the dream girl.

    #35. Please come and fulfill my sexual thirst. I want to be inside you for the whole night.

    #36. Dear, your lipstick is so beautiful. Let me taste it.

    #37. I get rid of all the tiredness and boredom when you stand without a piece of cloth in front of me.

    #38. I will like to freeze the moment when you will murmur my name and take me inside.

    #39. Every night, I want to have you in my arms like I will not get you again.

    #40. The sexiness of your figure doesn’t attract me, but the call of your eyes pulls me to the bed.

    #41. I want to wet your cloth in wine and leak the whole body to taste at its best.

    #42. I want to fuck you in front of the mirror and show you how sexy you look at that moment.

    #43. Keep your hair untied. I will pull it while fucking your ass.